Soccer Instruction

Adirondack Sports Complex Soccer Academy

Mission Statement:  The mission of our program is to provide players with a fun, challenging environment in which they can learn and practice the individual skills that they will need for continued development as a player.

Philosophy:  Individual skills are the foundation of any player’s development and these skills are the main focus of our Academy.  Tactical training is also important, but players must master the basic skills of passing, receiving, ball handling, and striking the ball before these tactics can be introduced effectively.  During the winter indoor season, many of our Academy players will participate in the house leagues, with the Academy’s focus on gameplay, skill development, and performance rather than outcome related.

Soccer Academy: The focus is on individual player development for all ages and skill abilities.
One (1) day of training and one (1) day of league play.

* Players may choose the training/skills option only but in order to play in the league, players must participate in training/skills.

Instruction is provided by our Academy Instructors.

No spikes or cleats allowed on the indoor fields.  (Sneakers or indoor turf shoes only)

The following additional COVID-19 ADKSC Safe-Site Rules (link) will be in place for 2020.  These rules will need to be followed by anyone (players, coaches, parents, or spectators) coming onto the ADKSC property, or they will be required to leave.

Concussion in Youth Sports
To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The HEADS UP initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

Birth Year/Division Change

Effective August 1, 2016: US Soccer & US Youth Soccer have made slight adjustments to the age/division chart in order to better align US youth soccer players with international standards for youth development.  Please take a moment to determine what division your child will be playing in.

US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix

Member ID cards:

All League, Program and Clinics participants at the Adirondack Sports Complex will need to have a current ADKSC Waiver and Facility Photo ID Card.  Both are good for 12 months from the date of purchase.

The annual fee is $14.00

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All League, Program, and Clinic participants at the Adirondack Sports Complex will need to have a current ADKSC Waiver and Facility Photo ID Card.  Both are good for 12 months from the date of purchase.  The annual fee is $14.00

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