Softball Tournaments



Registration Procedures:
Head Coaches, please register your own team(s) (link).  It is VERY important that we have the head coach as our SINGLE point of contact for each registered team, for each specific tournament.  Please DO NOT have your president, treasurer, team administrator, or assistant coach register your team.  Thank you!

It is strongly recommended that you have set up and logged in to your DASH Account well ahead of the tournament registration open dates so that you can make sure that your DASH Account is ready to go, and that you are familiar with the registration process.  When the “Early Registration/Friday Option” and the “General Registration” go live, the vast majority of the tournaments typically fill within a matter of minutes.  

The online DASH Account registration process will be the quickest and most secure way to register.  It will also give us a very accurate “timestamp” as each registration is received.  Online registrations are automatically entered into the system immediately as they are submitted, while faxed and mailed registrations will need to be manually entered after they are received.

Online registrations will require in-full credit card payments at the time of registration.  The online registration process will provide you with an automatically emailed receipt of your payment, which can then be submitted to your team or organization for reimbursement, as appropriate.

All registrations received with FULL PAYMENT will be processed on a First Come, First Served basis. 

Those coaches that cannot provide in-full credit card payment at the time of registration will need to use the “paper registration” form.  The link for the “paper registration” form is at the bottom of the section for each of the particular groups of tournaments – winter, summer, and fall.  We suggest that paper registrations be faxed to us ASAP.  If you fax or mail your registration form, you may find that the particular tournament that you are wanting to register for has filled before we receive your registration.

Please be careful about placing multiple tournament registrations in your shopping cart at one time.

Important – 7-day Waiting Period:
For the Winter Indoor Tournaments only, during the first seven (7) days following the opening of the General Registrations, we will accept only one (1) team per organization per tournament. Beginning one week following the opening of the General (non-Friday) Registrations, organizations are welcome to enter additional teams in any remaining tournament openings. 

Wait Lists:
If the tournament you are registering for has reached its enrollment limit and you receive a “closed” or “call for availability” notification, you may email or fax a completed ‘paper copy’ of the Tournament Registration Form (along with full payment) so that we can place you on the waiting list.  The ‘paper’ Registration Forms are at the bottom of each tournament grouping below.  If an opening develops, teams will be contacted in the order that the Wait List Registration forms were received.  Your credit card will not be processed, or your check cashed, unless an opening becomes available, and we have contacted you to confirm that your team is able to fill the open spot.
fax #: 518-743-1247 

Tournament Cancellation Policy:
Although we try to work with all teams that enter our events, it is important to understand the problems that are created when a team registers for an event and then does not follow through with their commitment to participate.  When you enter a tournament, we make a commitment to you – we expect the same type of commitment in return. These instances not only affect our organization, but every other organization that has made a commitment to play.  Therefore, the following Cancellation Policy is in effect:

      • All cancellations must be received in writing via email, fax, or regular mail.  Verbal cancellations will not be accepted.
      • For teams that chose to take advantage of the “Early Registration Option”, thus committing to playing on Friday evening, there will be no refund or credit allowed.
      • Teams that cancel out of an event more than 30 days prior to the start of the event, that is not closed, will be issued either a refund or credit of the entry fee minus a $75 administrative fee.  The credit can be used within 12 months for another tournament that the team is not currently registered for.
      • There will be no refund or credit issued for any team that cancels 30 days or less prior to the scheduled start of the tournament.
      • Once a tournament is full and “closed,” or a game schedule has been distributed, absolutely no refunds will be given.  At the sole discretion of the tournament director, a credit may be offered, less a $75 administrative fee, which may be used for another ADKSC tournament during the current year, provided the other tournament is not full and a schedule has not yet been distributed.

Age Cut-Offs:
All of the 2022-23 tournaments (fall, winter, and summer) will follow the 2023 age cut-offs.
Click here to use Age Calculator

Hotels Requirements: 
For all of our Winter Tournaments only, ALL teams needing overnight accommodations are REQUIRED to complete their booking exclusively through one of our Partner HotelsReserving rooms outside of one of our Partner Hotels will lead to a $500 penalty fee that will have to be paid prior to your team’s first game.  Please visit the Accommodations page on our website for a listing of area hotels that have partnered with the Adirondack Sports Complex.  We strongly encourage you to make your reservations early.

Click here for the:
2021-2022 Softball Tournament Brochure