Soccer Kidz: 1-1/2 to 6 Year Olds

Soccer Kidz provides a fun, high-energy environment where your child will develop both physically and socially. Our curriculum uses a variety of games that will engage kids while developing their fine motor skills. It incorporates a variety of props and exciting storylines to improve fitness and self-confidence.

Fun is stressed above all else in this non-competitive program.

Soccer Kidz Programs:

Mites,  18 – 26 months:
In this fun parent-participation toddler soccer class, early socialization and coordination are developed through a series of games. We use a wide variety of props to delight and engage the toddlers including balloons, parachutes, hoopla hoops, and many more. The focus is to develop simple motor skills.

Mighty Mites,  24 – 36 months:
In this parent-participation toddler soccer class, age-appropriate balls are used to introduce the early skills of athletics in a fun and exciting manner. Many props are used in addition to enhance both their balance and motor skills. Through repetitious games, the coaches engage the children’s imagination and encourage their creativity.

Peewees,  3 year old beginners:
In this 3 year old beginner class, the tots participate independently for the first time. With a low player-coach ratio, the children gain confidence and develop listening skills. The classes are fast paced and focus on developing balance, movement, and motor skills. Fun is stressed above all else.

Tykes,  3 – 4 years old:
This exciting class begins the development of kicking, dribbling, and running control, all while playing creative and fun games. Basic ball control is taught while the tykes navigate through moon craters and dinosaur eggs. Teamwork is also introduced as they work together to place all the zoo animals back in their cages.

Heroes,  4-1/2 – 5 years old:
This class is designed to help introduce team play in a non-competitive environment. The uniquely creative games we use, develop soccer fundamentals and encourage teamwork. Some small-sided scrimmages are introduced where the focus is to help players understand how to apply skills in different situations.

Super Heroes,  5 – 6 years old:
While still using certain props, soccer basics are reinforced which include dribbling, passing, and shooting. Other games are also played to work on foot-eye coordination and balance. Small-sided scrimmages are continued and the idea of sportmanship is introduced.

Go2Goal Soccer Academy,  5 – 8 years old:
Go2Goal Soccer Academy offers a 50-minute session complete with both technical training and short-sided games. Each practice session is designed with small-sided games and skill development exercises. We incorporate advanced coaching techniques to help each child develop the most effective technical soccer skills. Our sessions incorporate a variety of games in a fun, challenging atmosphere where Academy players can showcase their skills.

A sibling discount of $10 off a 2nd child is automatically applied when both Soccer Kids registrations are in the DASH online shopping cart at the same time.

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