General Questions

Can I wear cleats in the Dome?

No, cleats are not allowed in the Dome. Appropriate footwear for indoor use includes sneakers, turfs or flats. Cleats are only allowed on our outdoor fields.

What happens if there are poor weather conditions, i.e.: snow?

A. Our goal is to maintain our daily schedule of games, classes, practices and tournaments. During periods of inclement weather, we will remain open unless the New York State Police advise of no unnecessary travel. If the need arises to change or reschedule any activities, we will notify all effected participants via email and with a posting on our website and Facebook page.

Are pets allowed at the ADKSC?

Although we all love our pets, please be sure to leave them at home. Pets, of any kind, are not allowed anywhere on the ADKSC property.

Do I need to check-in each time I visit the Dome?

A. Yes, every participant needs to check-in with their key-tag before they enter the Dome. Just scan your key-tag at the reception desk.

Registration Questions

What is DASH?

DASH is our customer management database. Every participant needs a DASH account (including the parent or guardian registering the participant).

How do I create a DASH account?

A. Visit our website, www.adksc.com, and click on the DASH icon. This will take you to a login page. Click “Log In”, “Create Account” and follow the prompts. Don’t forget to go to your email to verify your account. Your DASH account can also be created at the Dome office.

Forgot your DASH password?

Once on the DASH login page, click on “I forgot my password”. The system will send you an email with your current password. If that doesn’t work, contact the Dome directly and we can reset your password and/or update your email.

How do I view DASH with a mobile app?

In your mobile app store, search for “Member DaySmart Recreation” and download the free app.  Available for Android and iOS.

How do I register for an Academy program or class?

Click on the DASH icon and enter your email and password into the login page. Click “Register”, click “Classes”, choose participants name. See the listing of age-appropriate programs that are available for registration. Click “Register” and follow the prompts.

How do I register a team for a league?

Click on the DASH icon and enter your email and password into the login page. Click “Register”, click “Teams or Leagues”. If you are the team manager, click “Team”, click “Yes” you are the coach/team manager. See the listing of leagues that are open for registration. Choose “Select” and follow the prompts.

How do I register to join a team in a league?

A. Click on the DASH icon and enter your email and password into the login page. Click “Register”, click “Teams or Leagues”. If you are an individual looking to join a team, click “Individual”. Choose the participant’s name and see the listing of teams to join. Click “Join” and send a request to join the team. This will be sent to the team manager.

How do I populate/manage my roster?

1. Within your DASH account, click on “Invite” that is associated with your team.
Send an email invite to all potential players.
2. Players may also request to join your team. (See question above)
3. Send a roster to Julie at [email protected] and she will manually populate your roster.
All participants must have a DASH account established before they can be added to any roster.
The Dome is not responsible for any player not added to the roster.
4. Team managers can view their roster from their DASH account – Team Page.
Team managers are responsible to make sure that all rostered players are in good standing
(valid Waiver & Facility Photo ID).

Do I need to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes, every participant needs to have a current ADKSC Waiver before they can participate in any activity. The waiver is good for one year. The waiver is usually signed when your DASH account is established. If you sign in to your DASH account and your waiver has expired, the system will insist you electronically sign the waiver before accessing your DASH account information. Unfortunately, no reminder is sent to you via email. If you have been contacted by a Dome representative to sign your waiver, please log in to your DASH account or stop by the Dome office.

How do I purchase or renew a Facility Photo ID?

A. Within your DASH account, look to the right side of the page in the blue box, click “Purchase Facility ID” for a new Facility Photo ID. Click “Renew” (blue letters) to renew your Facility ID. When a Facility Photo ID is about to expire, an email will be sent two (2) days in advance of the expiration date. The Facility Photo ID is good for one year from the date of purchase. Renew online or at the Dome office.

Do I need a Key-tag?

A. Yes, every participant is issued an ID key-tag when they purchase or renew their Facility Photo ID. The key-tag is issued after the participant’s photo is taken.

I want to participate in Pick-Up (Soccer, Field Hockey, Flag Football). Do I need to pre-register?

No, there is no pre-registration for pick-up.  You will need to have your DASH account established, with a valid waiver, before you can participate in any of the pick-up. Payment is collected at the reception desk prior to the start of pick-up.

I don’t have a team? How can I join one?

Visit our website, www.adksc.com and click on Classified Ads. Send your information and it will be posted. You may also indicate if you would like your information posted on our Facebook page too.

Why do you require payment in full before the second game?

Payment in full shows us the team’s commitment to playing the entire session. It also decreases the chance of a team or players dropping out of the league due to the inability to pay or lack of players.

Schedule Questions

How do I see my schedule?

Go to your DASH account to view the roster associated with the appropriate program. If this is a team, click on “Team Page”. Your schedule will be listed followed by the league standings. Your roster will be on the right side of the page. A Game Reminder will be sent to each team member (with a valid email) two (2) days before each game. If this is a class, click on “Class Page”. Your schedule will be listed.

Why is only Week 1 of my league’s schedule showing?

We want to make sure that the teams are in the right division before completing a full schedule. We also want to make sure the teams are committed to the league and lastly, we want to allow an extra week for those teams that may have missed the registration deadline and are registering late.

One of my league games is now scheduled for a different time/day? What happened?

When we publish the final schedule, we hope changes don’t need to be made. That isn’t the always the case. If a change needs to be made, we usually contact the team manager(s) first and then we will email each member of your team directly. If the change is made at least three days prior to the original scheduling, each member of the team will also receive a game reminder.

How many weeks does Session 1 & 2 run?

Session 1 & 2 each run for 8 games or classes. 8 weeks total. School vacation weeks are usually “BYE” or off weeks when no regular activities are scheduled.

One of my classes/games fall on a holiday (i.e.: Thanksgiving). When will this be rescheduled?

Sometimes we can reschedule the entire day by moving it to another day of the week. Other times, we have to find openings in the schedule. You can check your DASH schedule to view the posted dates or call the Dome office.

I just discovered a team conflict and can’t play my league game as scheduled. (i.e.: School concert) What are my options?

Contact the Dome office as soon as possible! We will contact the opposing team manager and offer open dates (if available) and reschedule the game. If no date(s) can be agreed upon, the team with the original scheduling conflict will be issued a forfeit.


How do I file a complaint about my game?

If you have a complaint about your experience with us, whether it’s the referee, a rule, an opponent, a fan, etc. please go to or contact the Dome office. We will investigate the situation and respond to you as soon as we can.

I was issued a red card in my last game. When am I allowed to play?

Any player that has been issued a red card will sit out for the remainder of the current game and the next game.

What is considered an “ineligible player”?

An ineligible player is someone who is not rostered and/or has either no waiver or an invalid waiver, no Facility ID or an expired Facility ID. Playing with ineligible players may lead to a forfeit of your game.