To have your information posted, please email
Include name, email, phone numbers, sport, division and if you are “looking for a team” or “a team looking for a player”.

Don’t be afraid to use our Facebook page to reach out to other ADKSC fans.


  • Player looking for team: I’m 47 years young, playing since the age of 4 and looking for a coed soccer team. Competitive but nothing to serious.
    Please contact Christian at or 518-222-0288.  11/8/16
  • Player looking for team: My name is Andrew, I’m 18 years old, and wanna start playing soccer again, don’t care if it’s competitive.
    Please contact Andrew at 518- 791-1540 and  11/8/16
  • Player looking for team: Hi my name is Mary Kate Krol and I am 26 looking for a soccer league to play in through June. I played D1 college and play semi pro in the summer, will play anywhere.
    Please contact Mary Kate at or 516-507-9286. 11/15/16
  • Player looking for team: My name is Damon, I’m 38 years old, and wanna start playing soccer again, don’t care if it’s competitive.
    Please contact Damon at 518-669-5443 and 11/15/16
  • Player looking for team:  I’m looking to join a soccer team. I’m from England and have played soccer all of my life. can play any position including Goalkeeper. Age 27
    Please contact Nathan at or 518-354-7172. 12/9/16
  • Player looking for team: Hi, I’m Kylie Goodbred and I’m a player looking for a soccer team. I am a 19 year old female and I’ve played soccer since 6 years old and played all throughout high school as well. I play midfield or forward.
    Please contact Kylie at and 518-538-2360. 12/13/16
  • Player looking for team: My name is Eoghan Neburagho. From Dublin, Ireland aged 19 years I’ve played football all my life just trying to get introduced to the game over this side of the pond. Natural born striker, Reach out to me!
    Please contact Eoghan at 518-450-9211 or  12/20/16
  • Player looking for team:  My name is Rebecca Mt. Pleasant. I am 24 years old and was looking for a team in the adult soccer league. I played from the age of five through high school, usually midfield or left wing.
    Please contact Rebecca at 518-681-2845 or 1/10/17
  • Player looking for team: My name is Amber, and I’m 19 years old. I’m trying to get ready for fall try outs at my college and want a team to help me get back in the flow of playing the game.
    Please contact Amber at 518-926-0352 or
  • Player looking for team: I am a 29 year-old male soccer player.  Played throughout school, good midfielder or right forward, now looking to get back at it and join or start a team this spring.
    Please contact Kelly at or (518) 796-8999.  3/6/17
  • Player looking for team: Looking for team – 29 year old male plays all positions including goalie and have all goalie gear.  Willing to be a permanent member or a temporary substitute.
    Please contact Tom at or 315-272-5059. 4/4/17
  • Player looking for team: I am 23 years old, and have played soccer competitively throughout high school and college. I play anywhere in midfield or defense and would love to join a team throughout the spring/summer.
    Please contact Adam at and 443-878-3527. 4/17/17
  • Player looking for team: Hey my name is Lisa. I’m looking for a team. I’m 28 and have been playing since I was 4. I’ve been playing at Afrims in Colonie for the last 20 years and moved up here but the drive is too far. Looking for a team.
    Please contact Lisa at or (518)248-9412. 5/3/17
  • Player looking for team: I’m a 30 year old adult male in search of a soccer team. Been playing competitively for 20 plus years.  Please contact Rob at or 518-222-9179.  5/11/17
  • Player looking for team: My name is Israel Zalazar.  I am 39 years old, I am from Argentina and I have been playing soccer almost my entire life.  I am looking for a team to be part of for the summer soccer leagues.
    Please contact Israel at or call 518 637 4477.  5/15/17
  • Player looking for team: My name is Kevin. I’m 24 years old and have been playing soccer for roughly eight years. I’m looking for a fun team for the adult summer league. I primarily play right back or center back.
    Please contact Kevin at  5/15/17
  • Player looking for team: Ruben, 18 year old from South America, is looking for a soccer team.
    Please contact Ruben at or 518-551-0974.  5/18/17


  • Player looking for team: Brooke, 23, played fast pitch at college level, competitive tournaments all my life.  Looking for a co-ed team to play on this Spring 2016.  Utility.
    Please contact Brooke at 270-748-7640 and  4/6/16
  • Player looking for team: My name is Kyle.  I’m 29, looking to play on a co-ed or men’s league team.  Played baseball all my life, American Legion baseball was my highest level.  I’ve been playing slow pitch for 11 years.  Will play any position, I’m better at 3rd or outfield.
    Please contact Kyle at or 518-586-2170.  4/14/16
  • Player looking for team: Played last 2 years with EVIA.  Looking for new team to play on.  EVIA has stopped playing.
    Please contact Jamie at  4/14/16
  • Player looking for team: Hi, I’m a 23 year old female college student looking for a team this summer.  I’ve played outfield my whole life and am looking for some practice before I tryout for varsity this coming fall.  If you need a girl on your team, my email is  6/7/16
  • Player looking for team: Need a pitcher?  Solid player looking for a co-ed or men’s softball team for the fall season.  I can play anywhere but I’m best at pitcher, 1B, 2B.  I’ve played slow-pitch for over 15 years.
    Contact or text/call 802-345-7293.  7/15/16
  • Team looking for players: Co-Ed softball team looking for players.
    Please contact Charles at or 518-538-4052.  7/18/16


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